Event by: Adam Locker and Barbi Candales
Palm Beach Partner Throwdown 5

We are in LATE Registration.  The pricing has not changed but we cannot guarantee Event Shirts.  We have ordered extra, All Late registrations will be placed in order of entry date and given shirts accordingly as we have.


February 9, 2020

PBPT will change formats this year.  We will have the standard 3 workouts, but will be introducing Skill stations that will allow you to accumulate EXTRA points on the leaderboard.  Bring your "A" game!

Your partner MUST also fill out their registration and waiver.  When they do, it will ask for their shirt size then.

Workout 1- Speed Cleaning

Timer will be set to :15 work/ :05 transition to next bar.

Athlete 1 will start. They have :15 sec window to complete a Clean. At the end of the :15 sec there will be a :05 sec transition to the next bar and a new :15 sec working window will start. As athlete 1 moves on to bar #2, Athlete 2 begins the Clean ladder. The athlete can only move to the next bar following a successful lift.
Athletes heaviest lifts are combined for a total lift weight.

**Tie Break Option: Any athlete can perform deadlifts only following a successful Clean attempt. The deadlifts will be added as fractional points to the total score.

Athlete #1 last successful clean 245# with 46 total deadlifts
Athlete #2 last successful clean 265# with 25 total deadlifts

Total Score: 581.

Scaled, RX and Masters 35-49: Full Cleans
Beginner and GrandMaster 50+: Full or Power Cleans (no Hang)


10 min AMRAP

To start the workout or to switch working partners 5 calories on the Assault bike must be completed by the partner beginning the work.

6 Snatch (Any way)

12 Wall Balls

2 Rope Climbs

Rx Snatch 155/105 Wall Balls - 20/14 to 10'

Scaled Snatch 95/65 Wall Balls - 20# to 10'/14# to 9'

Masters 35+ 115/75 Wall Balls - 20# to 10'/14# to 9'

GrandMasters 50+ 95/65 14# to 10'/ 10# to 9'

Beginner Female 45# Wall Balls 8# to 9'

Rope Climbs - RX, Scaled Men, All Masters 35+ .
4 - Rope Up Downs - Scaled Women, All GrandMasters 50+, Beginner Female.

Score is total reps.

*Assault Bile Cal do not count towards reps.

Workout #3

12 min AMRAP

Only 1 partner works at a time. Non working partner must stand behind the start line. Must tag partner to change working partner.

  • 80 Dubs (SX/MX50/BF Singles)
  • 40 DB Power Snatch(RX 50/70, SX/MX/ 35/50, MX50 30/50 BF 25#) 
  • 40 Toes 2 Bar (SX/MX50/BF Knee Ups)

  • 60 dubs (SX/MX50/BF Singles)
  • 30 DB Squat Cleans (RX 50/70, SX/MX/ 35/50, MX50 30/50 BF 25#)  
  • 30 Chest 2 Bar (SX/MX50/BF Ring Rows) (MXF Pull Ups)

  • 40 dubs (SX/MX50/BF Singles)
  • 20 DB single Arm Thrusters RX 50/70, SX/MX/ 35/50, MX50 30/50 BF 25#)  
  • 20 Bar Muscle ups (SX/MX50 Pull Ups, BF Jumping Pull Ups)(MXF C2B)

score: total reps
* If your division is not indicated in parenthesis, you are doing the prescribed movement as written

#PBPT PalmBeachPartnerThrowdown #PBPTIV
Sun, February 9, 2020 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Liger
583 105th Ave N Unit #7, Royal Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America
Adam Locker

Barbi Candales

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