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Nightmare on WOD Street

We’re back for another round of the West Michigan Spooky Fitness competition!

Nightmare on Wod Street 2022! The top 3 teams in each division (Rx and Scaled) will earn a spot on the podium. Teams will earn a chance to receive prizes throughout the competition day! 

We are changing it up for this year! We will have two competitor divisions only, so grab your buddy and get SPOOKY!


Teams of one male and one female

If you’re thinking about the Rx division, you must be proficient at toes to  bar, pull ups and 135/95lb snatch and C&J.


Teams of one male and one female

If you’re thinking about competing in the scaled division, you must be proficient at knee raises, 95/65lb snatch and C&J.    

There will be 3 WODs for each team. Event announcements will be released in September.

Registration is now open! Early Bird specials are open until August 1st. Purchase the EARLYBIRDOCT31 tickets as long as it is valid to get discounted ticket pricing!

Halloween masks are optional, but definitely encouraged as we want this to be a SPOOKY DAY!

Professional judging will be provided and all judges will have the power to penalize teams for not following/incorrectly completing standards. If the judge issues a “NO REP,” please be respectful of that judgment make the necessary adjustment to meet the specified standard. Verbal and/or physical abuse directed at any volunteer, athlete, spectator, or judge will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately. Period.

The first event heat will begin promptly at 9:00am on Saturday October 8th. Please arrive early enough to warmup and get ready to go at that time. An email will be sent out prior to the event detailing heat times, workout descriptions, and movement standards. Please make yourselves familiar with all the activities before the competition begins! There will be limited time to ask questions before the events begin, so come prepared.

All parking will be at our designated parking lot. The map will also include the set-up to be expected for each workout, bathrooms, and designated areas for athletes and spectators.

Scores will be entered in a timely manner, so please be patient as scores will be updated as soon as possible.

Any event questions can be directed to Erica at erica@springlakecrossfit.com

*By registering for this event, you are giving Spring Lake Crossfit permission to capture media footage (photo/video) that we can use for promotional use in the future. The media will be made available to all participates to use however they see fit.*

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Sat, October 8, 2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Spring Lake Crossfit
At Spring Lake CrossFit, we believe fitness is a journey that is unique to you, your needs and goals. Weight loss, strength gains, and confidence boosting. Let’s make this the best hour of your day!

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