Event by: Callie Durbrow and Kerri Johnson
Mobility & Yoga for Strength Training

A Balanced Plate:

As the FDA states, we need a balanced plate when it comes to our food intake.  Such is the same approach we should be taking on how we TREAT our bodies when working out! Too much of one thing can cause our muscles to become overused/underused. Old injuries often become reborn or new ones are created and therefore ………………(drum roll please) causing an end result of our body having limited ROM (Range of Motion).

Join us on June 23rd as we learn to balance our body plate with a body buffet of modalities to help YOU become the student of your own body.  You will discover that not only the macros you feed your body are important, but you will also lean that when you balance your regiment with weights, cardio and most importantly stretching the rewards are amazing.

Class will be broken into segments:

  1. Grounding: setting an intention, working through breath work exercises.

  2. Therapy Roll (Yoga Tune Up ®):  Adhesions form on our body from the damage and stress we place on ourselves. We will walk through self-massage exercises to calm the aches and issues in our tissues.

  3. Movement: All bodies must move but safely. We will perform hybrid yoga movement to get our joints awakened and synovial fluid pumping (dynamic movement, TheraBand work ®).

What to bring: water, a mat and an open mind

  1. Loving long holds in a Yin format for class. Allowing a little more time to “be” and a little less time “doing”

  2. SAVASANA- a well needed yogi rest at the end of class with a special surprise treat

I promise you will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and have a better understanding about YOUR body!

Sun, June 23, 2019 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM Eastern Standard Time
Durbrow Performance Training
10 Garfield Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Callie Durbrow

Kerri Johnson

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