Event by: Top My Workout, Coach Tommy
Mobility and Activation Workshop 13

We understand this is a weird time in everyone's life right now. You are not alone! Everyone is going through the same type of situation.

During this time of quarantine, we want to be a resource for you outside the gym and give you all the help and motivation you need to keep going through the Stay at Home time period.

This is why we are providing Zoom classes based on a variety of subject matters and on a "donation basis" for non members and free for Top My Workout members (join our online training program to become a member and get these classes for free!).


Weird time in our lives is one way to put it. Take this class to center yourself and release from the day. All of our minds are racing with thoughts about the future and how long this situation can last. Let's band together to chill out for a few minutes before we get back to our lives. Who knows... you may even create a better outcome from all this madness because of the calming lessons you learn from this class.

Mon, May 18, 2020 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Top My Workout, Coach Tommy

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