Event by: Clinch Valley CrossFit
2nd Annual CV Rowling Tournament

On Friday, December 17th, the Holiday Rowling Tournament back! As we begin, each athlete will row 7 Rounds to establish seeds for the tournament and then go head to head to make it to The Finals! Like bowling, except rowing, you will try to land on exactly 100 Meters each time you row. If you land on 100 Meters, you receive a score of 0 (Which is awesome)! Lowest score will win! Winner takes all and is named victorious! But that's not all! There is ALSO a prize for whomever is voted "Best Christmas Sweater." Similar to last year, it is BYOB for those of age and please be as amazing and responsible as you always are when we host events.

Seeding Round: 7 Rounds to 100 Meters.
Athletes will have a 45-second clock for the 100m Row.
Your judge will reset the monitor after each frame.
Judges will write down scores on each athlete’s scorecard and tally them up after 7 rounds. 
The judges will then seed "first to last" as we head into the bracket.

The Bracket then begins going head-to-head with partition between participants.
The lesser seeded athlete will go first.
Best-of-3 Game Series for each round leading to The Finals.
Best-of-7 Game Series for The Finals.

Point Tracking
Lowest Score of Combined Frames Wins
Tie Breaker: 30 Seconds of Max Target Burpees (*Open Standard)

The Champion
Takes all the cash!

Voted Best Christmas Sweater
​​​​​​​Receives a winning prize!

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Fri, December 17, 2021 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
Clinch Valley CrossFit
378 Market St, Clinton, Tennessee, United States
Clinch Valley CrossFit

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