Event by: Denver Health and Fitness
Too Fit to Quit

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If there has ever been a reason to have an event, this is it.

Dr. Bruce Withers, as many of you may know, is a local Chiropractor here in Denver, NC and a dedicated holistic health advocate. Bruce has been a lifelong health enthusiast and a member of the DHF family from the very beginning, as well as a Tai Chi Instructor and a CrossFit athlete. Bruce has dedicated his life to helping and serving others, starting with being in the NC Army National Guard and then on to helping many in this community with Chiropractic and holistic health services. Bruce is also, a loving husband, father to his 6-year-old son and now has a new challenge he did not ask for. In July 2020 Bruce was given a Stage IV cancer diagnosis that turned his and his family’s world upside down. The doctors told him his cancer is terminal but for those of you that know Bruce he is not going to take this diagnosis lying down.

Jeff and Valerie Pettit and the entire Denver Health and Fitness family are 100% behind Bruce and his family. That is why we are hosting the "Too Fit to Quit" Fundraiser to commemorate his strength and dedication to helping others. Please join us September 26th for our CrossFit competition while we help Bruce and his family during these trying times as he is seeking treatment. 100% of proceeds raised or donated will go towards assisting Bruce and his family to #battleforlife!

This is a 2-person, same-sex team competition with Rx and Scaled divisions. 

WOD 1....14:00 time cap

"Run with the devil"
RX version

Partner A. 800m run while

Partner B does 50/35 cals on assault bike

Then switch...Partner B 800m run while Partner A does 50/35 cals on assault bike
Immediately into: (reps split however they please)

50 DB snatches (70/45)

50 over the DB burpees

50 yard HS walk

Scaled version:

Partners will run 800m together

80/50 cal bike

50 DB snatches (40/25)

50 over the DB burpees (may step over)

100 yard bear crawl

WOD 2..."Complex Cycling"
6:00 to find a heavy lift in each of the following complexes

Athlete A...Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS

Athlete B...Clean + Hang Clean + S2O

2:00 rest Then...

For Time (5:00 cap):

30 C/J 135/95...scaled 95/55

30 snatches 135/95...95/55

30 thrusters 135/95....95/55
This workout has 2 scores, both parts are worth equal points unlimited attempts on the complex, bars CANNOT be preloaded.

WOD 3..."Acid grip" (15:00 time cap)
RX version:

8 rounds for time:

12/10 cal row

100' sled push (50' down and 50' back) (170#/130#)

12 T2B

*Partners alternate rounds

Scaled version:

8 rounds for time:

10/8 cal row

100' sled push (50' down and 50' back (130#/105#)

10 T2B or 20 knee raises

*partioned anyway they would like

WOD 4....Floater WOD "Belly Ache" 
RX version:


40 synchro GHD situps

40/30 cal ski erg

Max Bar MU in remaining time

Scaled version:

40 synchro abmat situps

40/30 cal ski erg

Max pullups in remaining time


#WodifyLive #toofittoquit #crossfitdhf #battleforlife
Sat, September 26, 2020 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Denver Health and Fitness
3273 N, NC-16 Business Highway, Denver, North Carolina, United States of America
Denver Health and Fitness

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